Saturday, January 24, 2015

Catch-up post #1 January 13

     As previously indicated, it is taking some time for me to catch up on our blog posts, but this is the start.  The photo is in the Lima, Peru airport after we arrived at 12:10am, and cleared customs about 2 hours later.  Unbelieveably, all our bags made it through customs.  I put a note to TSA about all the stuff we had, and after opening 3 of the bags, they must have decided that we were harmless after all.  Hermana Johnson is resting in a wheelchair I swiped, and guarding our 6 checked and 4 carryon bags, but the clerks came and demanded it back shortly after.  The timing in the airport was not so good, as we had to wait longer for our last leg to Cusco than it did to fly from Atlanta to Lima.
    The area office in Lima sent a driver who offered to take us to a hotel to rest, but his car was so small that our luggage wouldn't fit, and the check-in gate didn't open until 2 hours before the flight, so we had to stay there and guard it.  We were pretty droopy by this time.  Even if we had been able to go to a hotel, we would have only got about 3 hours rest before we had to get up again and get back to the airport, so we decided to tough it out.  We have probably not recovered from the sleep deficit.

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