Thursday, January 22, 2015

. . . and here's a photo to prove it

     As you can see, we are officially in Cusco, Peru.  This photo of Hermana Johnson was taken just after our arrival.  President and Sister Harbertson met us at the Cusco airport, along with 13 other joven (young) elders and 1 sister.  We all got on a bus and were driven to the Cristo Blanco statue (a much smaller version of the one in Rio) overlooking the city, where some of the locals in native dress were available for photos, including this musician.  It's a little chilly on top of the hill, as you can see Hna Johnson in my jacket.  By this time, we had been up for about 38 hrs.  We went to the lovely Mission Home for a little rest, some instruction, and light meal.  We spent the night in the MH, and the next morning were driven by President H to our apartment in downtown Cusco.
     A week has passed since we arrived, and we have had many adventures with shopping, food, meeting the members and missionaries, and getting settled in our very nice apartment. When we arrived, we had no communication with the outside world except for texts on my cell phone.  In the last 2 days, we have 3 miracles:  our washer and dryer are hooked up and working, we got a mission cell phone, AND our internet got connected.  The internet connection also means that our Vonage phone is working, so now we can talk just like we were in Farmington:  801-447-5060.  Remember we are + 2 hours from MST.
     We made a fairly easy adjustment to the altitude, our 3rd floor apt is at 11,057ft.  The food is very good, but of course different than what we're used to in the US.  We are both well, and look forward to our service here.
   We have so much to do and to learn.  I will try to keep our blog current, as well as post some catch-ups from our week here so far, with photos.  We have started our Family History work, and have met with 2 families, with more appointments already scheduled, including our follow-ups. 

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