Friday, November 6, 2015

News: BIG announcement!

The news is not that I just signed up for Medicare, or that I have to have a root canal:

The BIG news is that we have just received official notice of the call of Elder y Hermana Poulsen to the Peru Cusco Mission!  We are overjoyed to learn that Presidente Harbertson has assigned them to Historia Familiar.!!  They will arrive just a few days after we leave in January.  We have met them on Skype, and have started a series of email info dumps that will get them familiar with the work they will be doing.  With this information, they should be able to avoid the numerous blunders and mis-steps that we made while getting started, and have a steep learning curve.

 Elder Poulsen is a fluent Spanish speaker, and Hermana P is learning very quickly.  Coincidentally, the world seems a little smaller when we learned that Elder Poulsen and our Elder Hasler were companions in Italy about 40 years ago!  So they will immediately have friends and mentors here.

We will make sure their blog address is posted, so you can follow their service and adventures here in Peru.


  1. Shoot, I was hoping the announcement was that you'd be home for Christmas!

  2. Wow! That is wonderful! I know that was the best day of our mission when we learned that we were going to be replaced and the work we started would go on. I am sure you feel the same way knowing all that you have accomplished but must feel that there is so much more to do. We are in St. George. I don't know if I told you that Steve and Viki Whitmer just moved here from Colorado. They got this amazing house (4600 sq. ft.) in the Crystal Lakes area, close to us, with the best view of the Sun Brook golf course ever. An old couple had died and the family were anxious to dump the house after 4 months. They got it for $325, 000. It needs some updating but quite the steal. I know you will enjoy having the holidays in your mission. It is a special time to be there for the missionaries and see the cultural celebrations. Love you, Charmaine