Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hermana Johnson in action!

Lest anyone think that Hermana Johnson is not loved and highly valued and greatly respected throughout the mission:  I would say these photos speak for themselves!

Being greeted by Hermana Harbertson at the Cusco airport upon our arrival.

In the (very humble) home of Hermana Mercedes within a few days of our arrival.

Con la Presidenta Sociodad de Socorro (President of the Relief Society) en barrio Inti Raymi, Hna Hazell

On an appointment with Elders Guevara and Black

Photos with the Hermanas on a lovely afternoon in Cusco

 Since she can't cuddle her own grandkids, there are lots of others who love it just as much

At District Conference in Juli, with new friends (can't realy call Hna Hasler old)

 At the computer working away in a cold chapel in Sicuani. Her electric heater is under the table.   Good friends make it warmer.

 Always a smile and a helping hand

Enjoying banana pancakes and new friends Hna Crump and Luz Marina.

Three cuties:  Brunella, Neyssy, and Hna J.

 Yes, she really did get Hno Erick's family information ready to send to the Temple

 Who else could look so perky on a train at 3am in the morning?  With Hna. Jesperson.

New friends in Puerto Maldonado

Liliana always warms us up, even when it's cold

 3 personas mas guapo (handsome) in Cusco.  Ask Hno Romulo if you don't believe it.

The last supper.  At least it was with Hna. Sandberg before they went home to California. I thought I was tough before I met Elder Sandberg.  I thought he as tough until I met Hna. Sandberg.  They  are totally delightful and became our good friends.  We hope to see them again next year at home.

 Weary after a long day at the Huancaro Feria, but always ready with a hug.

 A big Valentine heart for all.

Hmmm.  Lots of lovely jewelry to select from in Hno Wilsons shop - and cute daughters too.

Enjoying hot cocoa on a cold night with the Elders

 Hermanas of the mission

With Elders Salazar and Olsen after teaching a new family.

Getting ready for games in Puerto Maldonado

 Making sure Elder Schumacher gets the work entered correctly for Hna Miluzca.

A photo before pan (bread) and chocolate caliente before a Family History lesson with Hna Norma and her familia.

Surrounded by great local leaders, Hna Denisse and Hno Meneses

Helping two lovely sisters:  Emma and Rosa, with just a little help from Hno. Cirio

 She's got an official resident card, good for great discounts on in-country travel.

 Another day, another Historia Familiar lesson, or 3, or 4 with lovely Hermanas Esplin, Maria, and Sanchez.

 Another visit to Hnas Flor de Maria and Mercedes.  Yes, they are sisters.

Hno Luis and his sister are always good for a laugh and lively conversation about their family
 Helping Hna Charlene, with a little help from the Elders.

 A quick photo at the end of a long day. 

A day at the Temple in Lima is a welcome excursion (but we're glad we're serving in Cusco).

 A new friend from Germany, via California, at the Cusco airport.

A familiar reminder from home is always welcome.

 First time I've ever seen anyone with more warm coats on than Hna. J.  Brrrr, cold in Sicuani.  Hna J always brings her own electric heater, but sometimes even that's not enough to make it warm.

The only tourists we saw at the Huancaro Feria were members from Florida.

Everybody's pretty happy with the information from Mi Familia folletos now in

 A beautiful afternoon in Huayabamba.

The Abancay Zone, with a couple of guests.

A lunch break with the Sandbergs, in Abancay.

If Hna J can't find a grandson, she'll borrow one.

 Time for an ice cream break with Hna. Rhoades.

This picture in Ollantaytambo only cost 5 Soles ($1.75)

 Hna J instructs Alexa on iPad games - or is it the other way around?

The fearless adventuress high above the jungle floor on a narrow cable bridge.

Relaxing before more adventures begin.  Some days are just too much fun.

The chow line at Zone Conference, and it was real tacos!

 More ruins to explore.

More ziplines to ride.

 More Historia Familiar to help with.

 District meeting with Presidente and Hermana Harbertson.

Hno Cunyaki looks like a bear (teddy).  Lots of jewelry and dolls in his shop.

 The Huancario Feria went on for 10 days!  Lots of help from the missionaries.

The mission couples pose with Presidente Harbertson and Elder Juan Uceda.

Jungle girls.

Ever seen Elders that weren't glad for a meal that isn't rice and potatoes?

Yes, she'll even eat cui (guinea pig).

As well as an elegant meal at UCHU with the other mission couples.

 Papacho's isn't quite as upscale as UCHU, but a get-together with the other mission couples is always a great event.

Rain or shine, she's always ready to go.

Sometime's its faster to let the Elders drive.

Power goes out?  No problem, she always has her tactical flashlight handy.

Getting ready for a taxi ride, with the lowest price negotiated by the Elders.

No keys to the Church?  No problem, just hold the lesson outside on a sunny day.

Elder Black gives a little translation assistance with a Relief Society lesson

Hna Liliana always has a big smile for her friend.

Not an illusion.  Either Hna J is really tall, or Hna Marina is not.

Yes folks, she really has been to Macchu Picchu.

And she really has eaten chicken foot soup.

Hand in hand with a new little friend.

When it's cold in the hotel room in Sicuani, just bundle up with coat and mittens and read in bed.

 With Hna Rhoades in the Plaza de Armas to help celebrate Corpus Christi.

Even better when you have your own bodyguards.

 What picture could better sum it up?  A big hug for Hna Isabel holding a page of temple-ready names that Hna J sorted out, fixed dates and duplications, and printed all by herself.  A new definition of Wonder Woman!

The wonderful things that have been accomplished and the lives that have been touched for good could not have without the commitment, sacrifice, and contribution of Hermana Johnson.


  1. Wow! so many fun pictures of Dawn. I can tell she has been beloved and a suburb asset to the people and to her companion.

  2. Oh I don't think anyone's surprised by that!